Very high-performance grease for transmission chains.
Its formula was especially developed to provide optimum lubrication under the harshest running conditions. Successfully tested during motorcycle grand prix and rally-raids.
Leave dry thoroughly.

Product description

-6The use of ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE extends the lifetime of the chain.-The grease gives maximum protection against chain corrosion.-ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE is insoluble in water, even saline.-The use of a special solvent means that ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE :• Is sufficiently fluid as it leaves the spray to be well distributed on the chain.• Sticks very quickly, thanks to the rapid evaporation of the solvent, consistency and adherence adapted to the requirements of a motorcycle chain.-ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE shows very good shear resistance for maximum chain protection.-The solvent used in ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE is non-toxic and the CO2 propellant does not affect the ozone layer.-A thin film of ELF MOTO CHAIN LUBE is sufficient.