Any hydraulic system for which the manufacturer requires a fluid of type« LHM » or « LHM PLUS ».
Hydraulic systems CITROEN whose parts are painted in green (XM, Xantia, CX...)
IMPORTANT: If this fluid is miscible with the other liquids of type LHM or LHM PLUS, he must be mixed on no account with synthetic liquids of type DOT3, DOT4, DOT5 or LHS.

Norms & Homologations

Manufacturers specifications

PSA B71 2710

Product description

Very low flow point.
•Very high viscosity index.
•Very weak variation of the viscosity according to the temperature so insuring an optimal functioning of the hydraulic parts in any seasons.
•Excellent compatibility with elastomers.
•Excellent anti-foam properties
•Excellent lubricating properties
•The fluid is not corrosive to the metals in the circuit (tested on tinned metal, steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass and copper).
•High Boiling point. Low hygroscopy