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High performance synthetic based technology motor oil especially developed for Gasoline and Diesel car engines.

Recommended for all Gasoline and Diesel engines in cars and light vans.

Especially adapted to the requirements of modern technology Diesel engines, namely the direct injection with or without Common Rail.

Fully adapted to all types of service, and to the most extreme conditions.

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • ACEA : ACEA A3/B4

Manufacturers specifications

  • Approved :
    DAIMLER : MB-Approval 229.1
    RENAULT : RN0700 ,RN0710
    VAG : VW 501.01 ,VW 505.00
  • Meets the requirement of :
    FIAT : FIAT 9.55535-G2

Product description

Ensuring sustainable performance over the time, thus meeting the needs of the OEMs in terms of extended oil drain intervals.

Excellent detergent properties giving greater engine cleanliness for better performance.

Especially designed to meet the particular requirement of direct injection engines. Lubricant able to protect the engine at high temperature.

Excellent performance at high temperature, and ensuring rapid lubrication of engine components during cold starts.