Very high performance Elf Fuel Economy synthetic technology motor oil intended for lubricating light vehicles engines.

Especially formulated to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.

Recommended in particular for the Diesel engines respecting the EURO V and EURO VI norms about emission reduction.

Particularly adapted to Renault recent vehicles equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter.

For all driving styles, particularly « vigorous » and high speeds.

Product description

Ensures maximum engine cleanliness, thanks to very good detergent and dispersion properties.Confers to the engines an excellent global wear protection, thanks to its high technology additivation.

Enables, thanks to low rates of sulfur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPs), a durability of post-treatment systems (in particular the DPF) that enables high reduction of pollutant emissions.

Specific formulae enabling fuel economy.

Contributes to the increase of the intervals between the drains.

Reduced oil consumption thanks to the use of synthetic base oils of low volatility.

Ensures outstanding engine longevity, thanks to a very high oxidation resistance.