Very high performance Elf Fuel Economy synthetic technology motor oil intended for lubricating all Gasoline and Diesel car engines.

Especially formulated to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.

Recommended for all recent engines, multivalve, and turbocharged, direct injection, with or without catalytic converter.

Particularly adapted to recent Mercedes-Benz, BMW vehicles equipped with a post-treatment system. Adapted to VW motors with direct injections.

Suitable for all journeys, in severe conditions, and for all driving styles, particularly "vigorous" and high speeds.

Product description

Suitable for most recent engines of numerous OEMs.

Enables the optimization of post-treatment that enables high reduction of pollutant emissions, thanks to low rates of sulfur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPs).

Meets the most demanding OEMs requirements enabling very extended oil change intervals, thanks to an outstanding oxidation resistance.

Gives the engine an excellent wear protection, thanks to its very solid additive package.

Ensures maximum engine cleanliness, thanks to very good detergent and dispersion properties.