Engine oil particularly recommended for all types of high-performance 4-stroke engine scooter. It can handle both harsh urban traffic requirements (thermal shocks) and driving in rural conditions and is compatible with 4-stroke catalytic converters.

Product description

Cold starts: metals the temperatures of which range between -25°C (cold starts) and 330°C (at the top rings) require viscosity levels that are suitable for the lubricant.

It’s additives improve its viscosity index: the oil is thickened at high temperatures and kept fluid at low temperatures.

Cleanliness control thanks to the detergent property: ELF SCOOTER4 CITY 10W-40’s detergency additives use their heat-resistant properties to work on engine deposits.

-Lower service costs: it’s formula prevents premature ageing of the lubricant and provides a safety margin over and above oil-change intervals. Engine life is prolonged and maintenance (service and repair) costs are reduced.